Colds and Flu


Homeopathic treatment is constitutional but the remedies listed below are recommended for use in emergencies. Choose the remedy which most closely match your illness. It is not necessary to have every symptom listed in order to bring about a cure.

Take remedies of the 6c potency three times a day until certain improvement, then stop taking the remedy. If symptoms continue despite the repetition of the remedy, then try an other remedy or consult a homeopath.

Take remedies in a clean mouth, 30 minutes before or one hour after food or drink, try not to touch and allow it to dissolve under the tongue. Remember not to use mint : toothpaste, chewing gum, chocolate, cough drops, etc.


Remedy Indications Contra-Indications
After initial exposure when chill is present. Will abort the entire process if given early enough. Repeat every 15 minutes until the chill passes.
CAUTION: Do not store Camphora with other remedies: antidotes the action of almost all other remedies.
Will usually abort a cold if given during the first stage of symptoms. Head and face hot, rest of body cold. Short, dry cough with tickling and soreness in the throat.Upper respiratory tract infections from exposure to cold or wet when over-heated. Fear or anxiety. Bursting headache. Dizziness on rising Eyes hot, dry and watery. Smell acute, mouth dry with intense thirst. Hoarse, dry cough; hot hands with cold feet, or tingling extremities. A short, rapid acting remedy. Low-grade fevers, localized inflammations. Wine, coffee acid fruits modify its action. Antidoted by Bell., Nux. v., Chamomilla,., and Sulphur.
Allium Cepa
Irritant mucous nasal discharge, laryngeal symptoms. Patient worse in warm room, but burning pain in nose, mouth, throat. eyes. Watery eyes, copious nasal secretion, lump-like sensation at roof of nose; hoarseness, cough on inspiring cold air. None.
Remedy is antidoted by Arnica, Cham.
Arsenicum Album 6x For viral infections, flus. Great overcome by tiredness, restlessness, fear and anguish, much fluid, burning discharge from nose, thirst satisfied with few sips. Burning eyes, irritant watery eyes; thin watery erosive discharge, stopped sensation in nose, not relieved by sneezing; pale cold sweaty face; suffocative mucous in chest, wheezing, cough after midnight; trembling of extremities; high temperature intermittent with lower temperature; better lying head elevated. Use cautiously, a very deep-acting remedy. Antidoted by Opium and its derivatives, Hepar, Nux. V.
Gelsemium 6x-30x High fever, pains in back and limbs; quick thin pulse; great overcome by tiredness: HE/SHE WANTS TO LIE STILL AND BE LEFT ALONE; listless, dull, apathetic about his illness, dizziness originating in back of neck, heaviness of head; eyelids heavy; sneezing; fullness at root of nose, with watery erosive discharge; throat and jaw pains, loss of voice, lump in throat; thirstless; profuse watery urine; slowness of breathing; dry cough; weakness of extremities; very chilly with shivering and desire to be held.

A brilliant remedy for flus
Antidoted by China., Coffea, Nat. Mur.

Flu accompanied by: sore, lame, bruised feeling; indifference, nervous, desire to be alone; hot head with cold body, confusion, canine hunger; fit of nightly cough, even while asleep; hoarseness from use of voice. None. Antidoted by Camphora.
Nat. Mur
Infallible for stopping a cold that commences with a paroxysm of sneezing. Violent fluent clear nasal discharge; psychic causes of disease; depressed; frightened; wants to be alone; throbbing, blinding headache; craves salt; chilled from 9 - 11 A.M.; cold sores. CAUTION: deep-acting remedy, not repeat too often. Antidoted by Ars., Sepia, Phos.
Belladonna 6x-30x. Throbbing headache,< motion; sore throat, hoarseness; dry hoarse cough; neck swelling and stiffness, due to swollen cervical lymph nodes. Patient hot, face flushed, eyes dilated, glaring and bright, dry lips; mentally excited, hallucinating. Thirst only for cold water, anxiety or fear.diziness, falling left or backward; dryness of mucous membranes, short dry cough night, high piping voice; difficult swallowing due to swelling of tonsils; retention of urine or frequent profuse urination; high fever without thirst and with cold feet. None. Calc. Carb. is the chronic of Belladonna in semi-chronic disease states. Antidoted by Coffea, Opium, and Aconitum.
Hepar Sulf. 12x Bacterial colds primarily, if tendency to catch everything that goes around. Splinter-like throat pains or feel a plug when swallowing; feeling of wind flowing on the patient. P. is angry, extremely irritable, dejected, sad, over-sensitive to impressions. Pain in right temple and root of nose in A.M. Nose sore and ulcerated; breath smells foul like old cheese; discharge from ears; complexion yellowish; likes acid fruits, wine, strong tasting things, dislikes fatty food; hoarseness/ loss of voice; cough < uncovering any part of body. CAUTION: Very deep-acting remedy, not repeated too often. Antidoted by Belladonna, Chamomilla, and Silica.
Merc. Sol. 12x Headache with burning eyes, profuse tears; inflamed, ulcerated tonsils; dry tiring cough. Patient's mental activity is slowed; weariness; suspicious. Lids swollen; sneezing (perhaps in sunlight); nostrils raw and painful; thick nasal discharge; increased saliva, with a sweetish or metallic taste; sore throat: stitches radiating into ear on swallowing; intense thirst for cold drinks; yellow infected mucous cough; patient < night. Another deep-acting remedy - use it cautiously. Antidoted by Hep. Sulf.
Pulsatilla 6x-30x Ripe cold, discharge thick, profuse, yellow-green. Loss of taste and smell; loose cough. Best in yielding, mild people, fearfulness, rapidly changing moods. Wandering head pains; pressure behind ears; eyes infection: thick yellow bland discharge that cements eye shut in morning. Dry mouth without thirst; dislikes fatty food, warm drinks; hoarseness comes and goes; chilliness without thirst, dislikes hot room, applications None. Antidoted by Cham., Coffea, Ign., Nux. V., Sulf. Puls. is an acute to Sulph.
Pink eye; irritant, profuse tears with bland nasal discharge, profuse fluent; violent cough, abundant expectoration; cheeks red; upper lip stiff, swollen; better out of doors; yawning in open air; chilly all time. None. Antidoted by Camph., Puls.
Fever, joint pains, cough coming from chest, sore throat; thirst for large quantities. Bryonia patient is ALWAYS worse from moving, with typical stitching, tearing pains, dryness of mucous membranes. Lips and mouth dry, parched, dizziness from moving the head. Patient extremely irritable. Soreness of throat with hoarseness open air; cough by eating, drinking, coming into a warm room, sitting up. None. Antidoted by Aconitum, Cham., Nux. V.
Eupatorium P
6c, 12c
Excellent for flus accompanied by intense aching bone pains, throbbing headache, pressing down sensation over the whole scull, dizziness, feels like he is falling to the left, soreness of eye balls, great thirst, frequent greenish watery stools, nasal mucous with much sneezing, hoarseness,hacking cough with soreness in chest. None.
Rhus. Tox.
Fever, cough, and rheumatic pains in the limbs which is > by moving them; listless, sad, depressed, constantly moving; occipital headache by touch; nasal mucous discharge from getting wet; swollen glands; tickling behind sternum; dry teasing cough after midnight after sunrise uncovering the hands. Deep-acting, use cautiously. Antidoted by Bell. Coffea.
Bry, Merc., Sulph.Camph.
Ars. Iod
Profuse irritating discharges affecting both membranes where it originates and it flows. Profound overcome by tiredness, rapid pulse, recurrent fevers and sweats. There is usually dizziness, thin watery nasal discharge, sneezing, with constant desire to sneeze. Drenching night sweats, patient is by profound sweating. None.
30c weekly
Excellent remedy for finishing off a cold or flu which seems to hang on forever; thirst and mild fever. None known.
Infl. et Bacc
30c weekly
This combination remedy provides immunity to colds and flus when taken weekly during the cold weather. Particularly useful in old people cases where these diseases could prove fatal. An aggravation frequently occurs when administered for first time: do not use with a weakened patient.