Cutaneous Burns


Homeopathic treatment is constitutional but the remedies listed below are recommended for use in emergencies. Choose the remedy which most closely match your illness. It is not necessary to have every symptom listed in order to bring about a cure.

Take remedies of the 6c potency three times a day until certain improvement, then stop taking the remedy. If symptoms continue despite the repetition of the remedy, then try an other remedy or consult a homeopath.

Take remedies in a clean mouth, 30 minutes before or one hour after food or drink, try not to touch and allow it to dissolve under the tongue. Remember not to use mint : toothpaste, chewing gum, chocolate, cough drops, etc.


Remedy Burns degree Lesion
BELLADONNA 1st degree Two particular types of cutaneous lesions: fine, scarlet eruptions, like scarlatina, occuring on dull, dry skin
OR red, shiny, inflammatory erythemato-edematous eruptions radiating heat over a certain distance.
Both: throbbing pains < by touch. Alternate redness-paleness of the skin. Indurations after inflammations.
APIS 1st degree Remedy for burning, stinging, erythemato-edematous eruptions feeling as if thousands of red-hot needles were being stuck into the skin.
Skin pinkish-red, rather dull (or not shiny), with as an "orange peel" look at times.
Pain is > by cold compresses.
URTICA URENS 1st degree

Minor burns without blistering
Some cutaneous look as Apis, but < by cold compresses.

CANTHARIS 2nd degree Large blisters containing a clear liquid when they are just beginning to form, with underlying edema.
CALENDULA 1st degree For redness without blistering, it is the number one remedy
  2nd degree Blisters without skin loss, once the blisters have broken leaving an open sore.
ARSENICUM 3rd degree Necrosis of living tissue generally caused by prolonged contact with a red-hot metallic object or an open flame.
Burning pains, recuring at night > local heat.
Excoriating, purulent, serous discharge which is sometimes foul smelling.
CAUSTICUM 3rd degree The full thickness of the skin has been lost.
Old burns that do not get well, and ill effects from burns.
Pains of burns.