Homeopathic treatment is constitutional but the remedies listed below are recommended for use in emergencies. Choose the remedy which most closely match your illness. It is not necessary to have every symptom listed in order to bring about a cure.

Take remedies of the 6c potency three times a day until certain improvement, then stop taking the remedy. If symptoms continue despite the repetition of the remedy, then try an other remedy or consult a homeopath.

Take remedies in a clean mouth, 30 minutes before or one hour after food or drink, try not to touch and allow it to dissolve under the tongue. Remember not to use mint : toothpaste, chewing gum, chocolate, cough drops, etc.


Remedy Sensations Urine Type, Generals

Violent, burning pains before, during and after urination. May double-up and scream from pains.
Intolerable, ineffective urge to urinate, which may not be relieved after urination is complete
Constant severe desire to urinate.
Dark-colored and often bloody
The urine is passed only in drops
Acute cystitis. Really violent cystitis.
Repeatedly cystitis, in which it's use reduces frequency of occurrences. Great thirst
BERBERIS VULGARIS As if some urine remained after urinating
Burning pains. Urethra burns when not urinating.
Severe tearing pains extending from the region of the kidneys down the back and down the ureters into the bladder. Cutting pains in the bladder extending into the urethra < stooping, lying or sitting, > standing
Pain in the thighs and loins on urinating
With thick mucous and bright-red, mealy sediment One of our principal remedies for trouble with the genito-urinary system
SEPIA Slow micturition with bearing down sensation above pubis
Incontinence with dribbling from laughing, coughing or weeping
Red, adhesive sand in urine; Involuntary urination during first sleep. Chronic cystitis.
Especially in women, indifferent to those loved best. occupation, family. sex.
STAPHYSAGRIA Burning pains in the urethra between urination, but which stop when urinating.
< motion, walking.

bloody Acute "traumatic" cystitis in young married couples. Chronic cystitis with abundant normal urine.
Patients are often obsessed with sexual ideas: nymphomania, masturbation, but more often fear of asthenia or sexual impotence due to menopause.
From suppressed emotions indignation.