Homeopathic treatment is constitutional but the remedies listed below are recommended for use in emergencies. Choose the remedy which most closely match your illness. It is not necessary to have every symptom listed in order to bring about a cure.

Take remedies of the 6c potency three times a day until certain improvement, then stop taking the remedy. If symptoms continue despite the repetition of the remedy, then try an other remedy or consult a homeopath.

Take remedies in a clean mouth, 30 minutes before or one hour after food or drink, try not to touch and allow it to dissolve under the tongue. Remember not to use mint : toothpaste, chewing gum, chocolate, cough drops, etc.


Remedy Cause, Stomach Abdomen Stool Concomitants General
Nux Vomica C: Overeating, excess stimulants, overwork.
S: Irritability, sensation of weight and pain in stomach < morning, some time after eating
Abdominal gas with distention and colic from or extending toward the rectum
Tearing, cutting pain with distressing but ineffective desire to defecate.
> bending double
Diarrhoea after debauch.
Scanty stool,with much urging
> by passing a stool, however small, < morning
Dysentery. Diarrhoea with jaundice
Constipation alternate with diarrhea after purgatives.
Frontal headache in morning. Dizziness.
Sensitive to noise, odour, light etc.
Absence of all desire for defecation is a contra-indication for this remedy.
Chilly and oversensitive, angry and easily offended,
Hints: acts better when given in the evening..
Arsenicum Album C: melons and watery fruits, acids, vinegar, ice-cream, ice-water, tobacco. S:. Burning pain from slightest food or drink > heat. Anxiety in stomach.. Swollen and painful
Burning pains like coals of fire
Distressing but ineffective desire to defecate and protrusion
Vomiting and diarrhea at same time. Frequent urging with distressing but ineffective desire to defecate.
Irritant, burning stools with putrid odor.
Dysentery with bloody diarrhea.
Fear and difficult respiration with stomach pain.
Dry mouth, great thirst: drinks little at a time.
Nausea, retching, vomiting after eating or drinking
Faintness, icy coldness, great exhaustion with restlessness.
Carbo Vegetablis C: < fat, fish, milk, oysters, ice cream, vinegar, cabbage, , wine.
S: Fullness, heaviness. Half-hour after eating.
Cramp-like pains forcing patient to bend double
Greatly distended, colic.
> passing w ind
Slow digestion, food putrefies before it digests
Colic from riding in a car
Diarrhea with putrid, very offensive, bloody, watery, frequent stools, mucus.
Followed by burning.
Excesiv discharge of gas hot, moist, offensive. Sorreness, itching moisture at night.
Cold, chilly, air hunger, wants to be fanned.
Cannot bear tight clothing around waist and abdomen
Sluggish, lazy
After an illness, accident or surgery from which the patient never fully recovered.
Hint: Useful in old people cases.
Lycopodium C: Seafood, beans, fermentable and farinaceous food, cabbage, over-eating
S: Full, bloated feeling.
Immediately after a light meal, abdomen is bloated.Copious abdominal gas, noisy rumblings.
Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.
Diarrhea. Stool hard, difficult, small, incomplete.
Ineffectual urging
Voracious appetite, especially at night.
Must loosen clothing after eating.
When the patient has a vigorous appetite, but becomes full and bloated after eating just a little.
Natrum Muriaticum C: fibrous food like salads
S: throbbing in pit of stomach after meals.
Cutting pain in abdomen
Pain in abdominal ring on coughing.
Painless and copious diarrhea, preceded by pinching pain in abdomen. Burning pains and stitching after stool. Heartburn with rapid, strong heartbeating,.
Unquenchable thirst
Sweats while eating.
Eat a lot, yet loose weight
Gelsemium C: anticipation, emotional upsets. Sensation of emptiness and weakness or of oppression, like a heavy load.
< evening
Sudden diarrhea from nervous anticipation, emotion, fright, bad news. Stool painless or involuntary As a rule, no thirst
Tired feeling, apathy, dizziness, dullness drowsiness, and trembling.
Phosphorus C: Ice cold food or drink. eating too salty
S: Burning pains. Distention, belching of food or gas. Sudden hunger at 11 a.m., after eating
Very weak, empty, gone sensation felt in whole abdominal cavity.
< evening, warm things, touch, physical and mental exertion,
> cold things (food, open air, cold water), short sleep, lying on right side
Painless, copious debilitating diarrhea.
Very fetid stools and gas. Involuntary stool, sensation as if anus is wide open.
Discharge of blood from rectum, during stool.
Characteristic burning sensation between the scapulae
Great weakness after stool
Tongue with erectly projecting papillae
Tall, slender persons, narrow chested, weakened by loss of fluids, with great nervous debility, emaciation
Sulphur Burning, with sensation of a weight in stomach after eating.
Empty, weak feeling in the stomach at 11 a.m , must eat or will faint
Colic after drinking, very sensitive to pressure. Internal feeling of rawness and soreness
Abdominal gas and colic with no wind, Movements as of something alive.
< after eating, 12 a.m, 12 p.m, heat
Early morning diarrhea, drives him from his bed, painless.
Frequent, unsuccessful desire
Itching, burning, redness of anus.
Complete loss or excessive appetite.
Faint and weak if does not eat
Intolerant of clothing and its weight
Drinks much, eats little
Ebullitions of heat, dislike of water, dry and hard hair and skin, red oriffices.
Sepia Pregnancy, tobacco
acids, pickles
Nausea at smell or sight of food, disposition to vomit after eating
Sour belching
Rumbling abdominal distention from gas
Bearing down pains in pelvis and/or abdomen.
< lying on side
< morning before eating
Diarrhea from milk (boiled).
Chronic diarrhea with jelly-like, lumpy stools
Copious mucous in stool, with offensive odor
Feeling of a ball in rectum
Soft stool, very difficult
White coated tongue
Hates fuss and sympathy
Flashes of heat with sweat and faintness
'' Ball'' sensation in inner parts. Bearing-down sensation. Indifferent to those loved best.Irritable. Very sad. Easy fainting.
Phosphoric Acid Sour food and drink.
Pressure as from a weight, with eating
Distention and fermentation in bowels, much abdominal gas.
Loud rumbling.
Diarrhea, white, watery, involuntary, painless,
Not especially exhausting
Tongue swollen, dry,
Sleepiness after eating
Thirst for cold milk
Diarrhea in weakly, rickety children