Homeopathic treatment is constitutional but the remedies listed below are recommended for use in emergencies. Choose the remedy which most closely match your illness. It is not necessary to have every symptom listed in order to bring about a cure.

Take remedies of the 6c potency three times a day until certain improvement, then stop taking the remedy. If symptoms continue despite the repetition of the remedy, then try an other remedy or consult a homeopath.

Take remedies in a clean mouth, 30 minutes before or one hour after food or drink, try not to touch and allow it to dissolve under the tongue. Remember not to use mint : toothpaste, chewing gum, chocolate, cough drops, etc.


Treatment of chronic stress usually requires deep-acting, "constitutional" remedies. In stress caused by acute circumstances one of the remedies below (some of which are constitutional remedies) should help significantly.

Remedy Cause Characteristics General
Nux Vomica By "burning the candle at both ends": sleep deprivation, excessive eating, smoking, alcohol. Prolonged office work , overstudy: sedentary lifestyle, with a great deal of mental work. Very irritable, over-sensitive to all impressions (noises, odors light, touch)
Zealous, fiery, righteous, impatient people: time passes too slowly.
Frequently use stimulants, or use sedative drugs and tobacco to quiet themselves
Spasms, sensitivity and chilliness are three important general characteristics of this remedy
< morning, after eating, cold, dry weather, mental exertions, spices, stimulants, narcotics.
> from a nap, in evening, damp, wet weather, strong pressure
One of few remedies that crave fats, also alcohol and beer. Great medicine for drunkards.
Old indigestions, lean, hungry, withered, bent forward, prematurely aged
Weak stomach, with pain in stomach after meals. Constipated.
Sleep disorders: cannot sleep after 3. a. m.; then towards morning, wants to sleep late.
> short sleep.
Especially adapted to digestive disturbances, congestion of the liver's veins, and hypochondriacal states depending thereon.
Natrum Muriaticum Ill effects of grief, fright, anger, contradictions etc. Great debility, most weakness felt in the morning, in bed. Chilliness. Easily fatigued.
Depressed, melancholy mood, or "flat" depression. Wants to be alone. Indifferent.
Sadness with copious weeping, or inability to cry, tears with laughter < consolation.
Trifles provoke anger. Holds grudges and dwells on past disagreeable events.
Distracted and averse to mental work. Craves salt, loathes fat. Tongue mapped.
< noise, music, warm room, lying down, 10 a.m, seashore, mental exertion, heat, talking, consolation, > open air, cold bathing, irregular meals, lying on right side, tight clothing.
Fever, anemia, iron-deficiency, anemia in young girls, many disturbances of the
alimentary tract and skin
Pulsatilla Stress from overwork, or emotional causes Mild, yielding fair people, sometimes with strong religions tendencies. Rapid swing in mental and physical symptoms. Sadness with much weeping. Imaginative, jealous, suspicious >consolation, responds positively to sympathy, slow movement, open air.
Chilliness in a warm room. Not hungry or thirsty..
Frequently indicated when first serious impairment of health occurred at puberty.
Calcarea Carbonica Grief, contradiction, overwork Calcarea patient is fat, fair, flabby, damp and sour. Scrophulous constitution: take cold easily, increased mucous secretions, glandular swellings < exposure to water or cold.
Obese stubborn children, with large bellies, large heads, pale skin, chalky look will eat indigestible things like chalk, coal, or pencils. Prone to diarhhea.
Partial sweats, of the head in particular. Averse to work or exertion, meat, fat and milk, crave eggs. Loss of appetite when overworked.
< exertion, mental or physical, ascending, standing, cold, water, washing, moist air, wet weather, full moon, > dry climate and weather.
impaired nutrition is a keynote of this constitutional type
the glands, skin and bones are adversely affected
Sepia Overwork, from contradiction Is frequently a brunette female, very irritable and sad. Aversion to one's occupation,
great indifference to one's family, to those they love best. Indolent mood.
Weariness and misery. tendency to faint. Bearing down sensation of all pelvic organs,
sensation of a weight or ball in uterus, anus and inner parts. Alopecia. Very sensitive to noise, music,and odors. Feels cold even in warm room < cold air, before thunder-storm.
< forenoon and evening, house-work, damp, on the left side, after sweat
> exercise, pressure, warmth of bed, marked > from extreme exercise like running. hot applications, cold bathing, after sleep.
Acts particularly on the portal system, with venous congestion and chronic hepatic and/or uterine troubles.
Staphysargia Anger, indignation, grief from family situation, sexual molestation or sexual excesses. Anger, all nervous affections with marked irritability. Over-sensitive to what others say about him, peevish. Prefers solitude. Indifference, low spirited, dullness of mind, weakness of memory.
Craving for tobacco and stimulants
< loss of fluids, sexual excesses, tobacco
> after breakfast, from warmth, rest at night.
Diseases of the genito-urinary tract, skin and gums.
Sulphur   Argumentative, stubborn, critical, over-intellectual. theorize much, but achieve little. Melancholy mood.Procrastinators (e.g. too busy writing poetry or computer programs to balance the cheque-book). Stoop-shouldered. Indisposed to everything: work, pleasure, talking or motion.Indolence of mind and body. Untidy, unkempt, coarse, lustreless hair, which takes its own rebellious way like its owner.Always prefer to sit or lie down, standing is the most uncomfortable position.Intolerant of clothing against the skin.
Sudden hunger at 11 a.m., craves fat. Urgent morning diarrhea, sometimes waking the person, sometimes explosive, Orifices brilliant red: anus, nostrils, lips, eyelids, rectal itch
Very warm all the time, hot feet, which they wish to uncover.
Hint: wide variety of states. The remedy has many other symptoms as well.
Affinity for the skin, where it produces heat and burning with itching, acne, dandruff.
Ignatia Suppressed or deep grief, worry. Mental stress and strain related to shock, distress, bereavement, Rapid hysterical alternation of happiness and sadness: try to "put on a happy face", and keep their troubles to themselves. Loss of judgement and self-control. Hopelessness.
Great anxiety with hypertonicity of the muscles and a tendensy to spasms.
Contradictory emotions or thoughts, marked hyperaesthesia of all senses.
< morning, after meals, open air, coffee, smoking, liquids, external warmth
> while eating, change of position.