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Mihaela C.    Aurel S.    Mike D.    Mirela N.   

Dr.Elisabeth Munteanu, Dentist    Violeta Iatan, Faptu Divers   

I decided to go to Cristina one day because I felt that I cannot be the "family alarm clock" for the rest of my life. I used to wake-up every morning with a fit of sneezing accompanied by a terrible discharge from my eyes and nose and I had a stubborn pain in my chest. Everything was running in the morning and during the day was blocked.

After the homeopathic treatment my chest pain disappears, I didn't have my nose in my handkerchief all the time, no more headaches, sciatica, colds and flu. I am amazed that for a whole winter I could stay without any antibiotic and I wish I could have seen Cristina earlier.




Violeta Iatan

Ravi Press: Faptu Divers

Email: grasote@faptudivers.com



When I first seen Cristina I had a few problems bothering me, but what is out of this world is that I’m a different person. I used to be a ‘cramped’ person, now I’m an easy going one.

With Cristina’s help I chuck out a skin trouble that the doctors here couldn’t find the reason, so they couldn’t help curing. I also had a very bad peripheral blood circulation that improved visible.

Common places like cold or flu are piece of cake to get rid of with the homeopathic remedies.





Mihaela C.
Email: mih0202@yahoo.com

I went to Cristina on March 30th, 1998 for Hypothyroidism diagnosed by my GP and a specialist. I didn’t want to take the allopathic treatment so I went to her.At the beginning of our treatment my TSH level was 11 (Feb. ‘98); on May 7th ‘98 was 6 and on July 3rd 1998 was 3 (the normal value is 2-5). I repeated the blood tests on February 17th, 1999 and the TSH level was, and still is normal.

During the homeopathic treatment I felt more energy and little by little my health was somehow restored to the best possible shape. Since then I use homeopathy for me and my family and I recommend it to all my patients with health problems.

My husband used to have dental problems since childhood. He went to Cristina because of his dental abscesses and recurrent colds and flues that lasted the whole winter. After the homeopathic treatment his abscesses were cured without antibiotics and his headaches, back pains, craving for sweets and colds dissapeared.



Dr. Elisabeth Munteanu, Dentist

Dental Office:

4430 Bathurst St. #201

Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (416) 398-2166



 My name is Aurel S.,and I am 62 years old. For 25 years, I have had Severe back pain, with periods when I was unable to stand up. Several years ago, for a period of two months I experienced continuous pain, which seemed to intensify whenever I tried to sit down, thus, preventing me from driving my car, which I needed on a daily basis.

After medical examinations by numerous specialists, I was placed under intensive treatments involving various traditional medications. This medication brought little improvement in my condition and various undesired side effects.

Fortunately, I met Dr. Cristina Berbecel whom offered to treat me using homeopathic medication. Within 3 - 4 days of Dr. Berbecel's homeopathic treatment, I can say that approximately 80% of the pain had disappeared, and within a week, the pain was completely gone without any side effects whatsoever.

To me this was a miraculous recovery not only because the healing came so quickly after using the homeopathic medication prescribed by Dr. Berbecel, but also because the pain has not returned ever since.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Dr. Berbecel with all my Heart for her professionalism and knowledge on alternative medication, which virtually ended my suffering.

For all those experiencing similar problems, I advise you to immediately contact Dr. Cristina Berbecel at the Homeopath Clinic (Toronto and Richmond Hill); Tel. 905-773-3077; e-mail: cristina@aci.on.ca

If you have any questions with regards to my personal experience please do not hesitate to call me.




Aurel S., Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (416)491-6742

Dear Dr. Berbecel,

I am writing this to you as to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. I was scared, then hopeful, relieved and, in the end, happy.

You are the one who stood by me all the way from fear to happiness.
When my Specialist Doctor told me how bad my blood test results were, I understood, in awe, that my body was not invincible and it had finally cracked.

The solution she offered me, which was a liver biopsy, was too scary and out of the question at the time, so I knew that if modern medicine was not giving me suitable options, I had to embrace another form of science, new to me eventually, but old to the humankind. And that is how I thought of homeopathy, and that is how I found you.

In only a couple of weeks along the treatment, my fear was replaced by hope and a sense of courage of trying something new to me but praised by so many. The first blood test, which was run three months after I met you, already proved me that things had radically changed, and if the way from bad to good could be so short, I was sure I was going to get to excellent in no time. And so it was, and for this I only have you and your science to thank, now and forever, for making my life normal again, for taking away the fear of tomorrow and what it might bring, and for giving me the hope that, if anything bad is to happen to me or my family again, there is always the "active substance" that we can resort to and that can bring us back from the woods.

I feel wonderful now, both physically and psychically, and for that you will always be in my prayers.



Mike D., Toronto, Ontario
Email: mdumitra@pathcom.com

4 years ago I did not know where else to go find cures for my two sons and my mother. Thanks to Dr. Cristina Berbecel my problems are now solved. I have had excellent results with her treatments.

My 2 years old was under developed for his age. He was not eating well, drinking almost no liquids at all and speaking very little. Now, following Dr. Berbecel's treatment he is very energetic, speaks continuously, eats and drinks normally.

My older son was very nervous, stressed and started developing tics. As soon as he started treatment, his tics stopped. Today he is more calm, confident, mature.

My mother had several liver tumors. After only 3 months of treatment, only one was still present but reduced in size.

Thank you dr. Cristina Berbecel and keep doing your wonderful work.



Mirela N., Maple, Ontario,
Email: shanti_8@yahoo.com

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